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The Benefits of A/B Tests on Product Videos

If you are looking to get the best results for your video marketing strategy and achieve more sales, then you are in the right place.

We'll show you on this blog post how to use a video of your product and create an A/B test advertisement campaign, compare results and decide what is the best video to shoot.

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As we all know, videos are directed to an audience, and no matter how big a company is, some misleading assumptions of "What works" for a given audience ending in terrible expensive results, otherwise check the famous Coca-Cola Marketing Blunder.

TIP 1) Split your videos into Different Parts.

If you have a 60 Seconds video, we suggest you split that video into 4 shorter videos of 15 seconds each. Reaching the Call to Action (Your sales point) Faster.

ab testing on same video

In the table above we split a Neck Massager video we've done into 4 parts and we see that in the same audience.

TIP 2) Remarket different videos to the same audience.

Considering that most of those videos are watched 15 Seconds, 4 consecutive video impressions could be displayed to the same audience, gaining opportunities to show "Fresh" content and Increasing the video ROI.

TIP 3) Invest in Audience Specific Videos.

A final option could be to optimize the video creation investment in Shorter videos or 15 seconds each, showing different actors of different gender or age, to resonate with larger audiences.

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